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Country of Origin: INDONESIA

Indonesian Tribute To Nasum is a compilation album project that collects Indonesian grindcore bands in one tracklist and conspires to honor Nasum, a Swedish veteran grindcore unit. There is no need to explain the extent of Nasum's influence on the grindcore music scene in this country ... When saluting in the form of tribute albums is quite reasonable and indeed it's time.

This project has received official permission from Nasum through Anders Jakobson (drummer) and licensing from Relapse Records as the record label that holds the Nasum album catalog.

Full tracklisting: 

1. Trench Horror – Particles
2. Extreme Decay - Inhale Exhale
3. Dead Vertical - Mass Hypnosis
4. Proletar - Blind World
5. Hurt’em - Fury
6. Goads - I Hate People
7. Extreme Hate - We’re Nothing But Pawns
8. Ancaman - Time To Act
9. T.O.D.A - A Welcome Breeze Of Stinking Air
10. Humanure - The Smallest Man
11. Terapi Urine - Rens
12. Trigger Attack - The Idiot Parade
13. Aftersundown – I’m Not Silent
14. Bersimbah Darah - My Philosophy
15. All Nation Death - The Meaningless Trial
16. Muertos – Scoop
17. Tyranny - Relic
18. Killer Instinct - Stormshield
19. Jari Tengah - Think
20. Cosmic vortex - Slave To The Grind
21. Disfare - I See Lies
22. Pukat Harimau - Detonator
23. Kala – Breach Of Integrity
24. Busuk – Evicerated By Fiend
25. Denied - Masked Face
26. Jigsaw - Just Another Hog
27. Bungkam – Revolution
28. Torture – Wrath

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